starting seeds…

DSC_3592-1.jpgI find that when I look to nature to guide my actions and timing, that things just work out more fluidly and with more ease. I associate that with the idea of working with the flow of the Universe! I tend to be very active and productive in the summer, slowing down and starting to harvest and hunker down in the fall, and rest deeply and renew during winter. Spring will bring new life to lots of ideas and visions that were born in my dreams during this past season of deep sleep. But this…this precious time between the dark of winter and the luminescent light of spring…this is what is widely known as seed starting season.

Because we gardeners want to be ready when warmer weather comes, because we want to have something already in progress to put in the ground as soon as the sun gives us the green light, we use these last cold weeks to nurture tiny seeds. They require an exceptional amount of care: the perfect amount of watering, plenty of sunshine, and perfect degrees of warmth; yet there’s absolutely no promise that they’ll amount to anything at all. There are no guarantees that this effort will bear fruit. All we gardeners are working for in this seed starting season is hope.

Our dreams begin the same way. And this is the perfect time of year to begin planting those dream seeds that you’ve been stocking up over the past few months of deep rest. What is perfect about this time of year is that the Universal energies are with you! Everything germinating, waking up, moving fingers and toes and initiating the coming to life sequences.

What dream seeds can you plant right now? What varieties of hope are you watering, tending, and keeping warm?

I can tell you, personally, that I am currently tending some beautiful dream seeds and I am so looking forward to spring!


It’s been a long time, friends! I hope to be writing here more frequently as I begin to take Madeline Bea in some new (but not altogether different) directions. I hope you’ve all be well and have kept warm over this long winter.


What a beautiful post. I love the thought of planting dream seeds not knowing if they will become something, yet still doing it.
If I could send you some of our Spring-like temps from Arizona I would. Stay warm and keep tending those seeds.


I have thought of you often in the months past. So lovely to see you back and read your beautiful words again! <3

Hello, hello my dear friend!

I love your new design and your photo with your pinecorn cardigan is beautiful.
And you know what? i think we start to post again on our blog more or less in the same time.

oh! I am happy to hear that you plan on posting more!
I have always loved your blog!

Hi Maegan. I hope you blog again soon. I miss you. :)

Hi Maegan. I hope you post again soon. I miss you!

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