autumn is…

…hayrides, pumpkin patches, baking; enjoying everything that is cliché and wonderful about this fine season
…morning runs; waking with the world; lungs, breath, and muscle bringing sun into gorgeous skies
…turning leaves; waiting for big enough piles to jump; watching the landscape change its clothes and thinking that she’s beautiful no matter what she wears
…great blue herons flying through backyards, miles from water; the shift of summer birds to winter birds at the feeder outside the kitchen window
…soul searching and liking (maybe even loving) what is being found
…holiday knitting; thinking of gifts and finances while trying to stay present enough to plan for zombies and ghosts and cats
…finding value, productivity, and abundant creativity within ease
…music filling the house, filling minds, filling hearts; French pressed coffee in the afternoons; warm, sun filled play outdoors
…new books of poetry and perspective challenging and expanding beliefs
…loving questions and embracing unknowns; allowing space for possibility; speaking less and defining less while feeling and intuiting more
…sunsets at ends of good days that reaffirm faith and awe in everything

Oh, I love this wonderful, autumnal list.

F a c e b o o k