Honoring What Is…

This was meant to be a post about Honoring Winter, about how we welcomed winter with the most beautiful and special solstice ceremony with our friends (which we did), about how we’re loving the neutral landscape and minimalistic beauty of this season (which is true), and how we’re holding sacred those indoor winter activities of crafting and cuddles and reading (which we are). But then this weekend came, the weather warmed, it rained, and all our snow melted. Today was almost 50 degrees…and slushy. We went out, we walked, I breathed deep gulping breaths of that mild air and spotty sunshine. But deep down, I was pouting like a three year old because it is January and I want cold and snow and crafts and cuddles.

As you can imagine, this presented a conflict between reality and the eloquent post being written in my mind of how we are honoring this season and all its unique riches.

I do love winter. I love the snow, my knitting habit ensures that I’m always prepared for the cold, and I enjoy holing myself up in the house for days on end. But I’m not truly honoring a season if I am only happy when the season is displaying all of my favorite features. Honoring a season means holding sacred whatever comes forth…staying open…arms out…hands ready…heart happy…come what may. I love the vision of my doing this…the inspiration for the post I wanted to write…but I was only ‘honoring’ the snowfall and then standing crossed armed and pouty at the rain. I love Winter, but I wasn’t honoring what She wanted, needed, to be.

This concept applies nearly everywhere in my life right now…in motherhood, to my children, with my career. There are ideals for nearly each and every facet of my life…ideals that I catch glimpses of, that I aspire to. But there is a deeper, more truthful element of beauty in what is than in the way I would have it be. Honoring involves a respect that I am not sure I’ll ever fully be able to harness in my human form. But in this season, I’m allowing it to be the light at my feet. The act of honoring is more beautiful than snow.


Welcome back!!! Missed your beautiful words.

I was feeling just the same way about this “thaw” we just had over the weekend. I want the snow and cold and cozy times. I tried to appreciate it the warmer weather by hanging laundry outdoors to dry. It was an odd sensation to be doing it in January, though.

I can totally identify with these feelings – we never get snow and while the east coast of England got dumped on yesterday we got more rain. And I was grumpy! The ideal is just that, but the reality is so much more (although less rain would be such a bonus!) xx

I agree! Honor is so underrated.
I grew up in Ohio (now in SC) and your post made me miss snow and hot cocoa and warm snuggles while forced to stay inside on a snowy(or rainy) day outside . :)

Nickie Gorsky

You have opened up a chapter in my own book…honoring what IS. Thank you.

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