And Then It Snowed…

…and I knew that if I wanted to share these pictures or make mention of the event, that I had better get to it! Such is the nature of these days…we’re thrown from one thing to the next and swept up into the wave of the holiday season. No sooner did I miss my opportunity to mention my utmost gratitude for all the blessings in this world then my focus rapidly shifted to all things green and red. But on Tuesday, we received this incredible gift of white.

On this day, we forgot about plans and lessons and errands and holidays. We allowed this blanket of peace and joy to wrap around our shoulders and guide us to a blissful and rare state of complete presence. We celebrated the gift that was given in that very moment. We didn’t worry that it wouldn’t last, we didn’t wish for more. We just grabbed our gear, headed out, and immersed ourselves into the beautiful morning…a moment frozen in time.

I need to remember how essential and restorative this brief morning was. The snow has all but melted, but I can keep a little in my heart to remind me to freeze more of these moments…especially during this season where they seem to disappear like snowflakes in warm palms.

…ps…Did you know that if you dip graham crackers into hot cocoa it tastes very much like a s’more? You must try it!


Your photos are beautiful. What a welcomed surprise.

oh! lucky you are!

Delicious. The pictures, the snow, the cocoa, the happy light from your daughters eyes. All of it- beautiful.

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!

F a c e b o o k