White Space {an excerpt from Creativity Boot Camp: Spring Training}…

Registration for Creativity Boot Camp: Spring Training opened today! To celebrate, I thought I would share a very small glimpse at the heart of the course. This excerpt is only a small fraction of a day’s content during our two weeks together. In the course, a post like this will be accompanied by an activity, inspiration, and thoughts from one of my special guests.

I think as artists, especially as new artists just beginning to deepen our roots, it’s appealing to define ourselves. We eagerly try to narrate precisely what it is that we do…name our subject, select our color palette, pinpoint our inspiration…all in an effort to say to the world “hey, this is exactly who I am and exactly what I do.” The reason this is so appealing is that there are thousands of artists in this world and we hear over and over again “get a niche and rock it!” But is the only way to be successful as an artist to quickly try and box ourselves into a small corner of the artistic world?

The problem with coming up with some precise definition of who you are as an artist is that it leaves very little white space in which to expand into as you grow and mature in your craft. And although it is good to really focus on what you love and what you excel in, it only remains a good option if you continue to deepen your roots and branch out from those core beginnings.

As artists, there is never a point at which we are at our personal best…there is never a point at which we stop growing and learning in our technique. These are our roots, and just as the mighty oak tree in the middle of an open field, our roots continue to grow beneath us…strengthening our core. And as our roots grow, deepen, strengthen, and mature, our branches reach upwards, outwards, filling out the empty white space that we have so wisely allowed to remain around us.

While planning for some upcoming projects, I toyed with the idea of purchasing a backdrop with a roll of simple white paper. The small part of my artistic self, the one who wants so badly to say “this is exactly who I am and exactly what I do” thought to herself ‘that simply isn’t me…it’s not my style…it’s not what I do.” But I kept thinking about the vision I had for these upcoming projects and I continued to press myself about the option of the white background. And the bigger, wiser part of my artistic self, the one who knows the importance of exploring options, kept taunting me with all the possibilities of a completely white canvas. Ultimately, despite my still fighting small voice, I purchased the white background. And I’m finding that filling out that new fresh white space of mine {both literally and metaphorically} has been a very liberating expansion…a very healthy extension that came from a deepening of my roots and a strengthening of my core.

And now, I am still the same tree with the same roots and the same branches…but now my presence is this world is much greater, my reach much more expansive, and my possibilities seem limitless…all because of the white space that you will not find in a well defined corner of the artistic world.


Registration is now open!!!! And if you sign up by this Friday, you’ll save $10! Hope to see you there!


I am so excited – just this little taste has my mind full and ready to start stretching my own branches!

I love this post! The idea of feeling of having to define myself is one I really struggle with. Am I a photographer, a scrapbooker, a sew-er, an artist? I’m with you – I’m all of these things, and hopefully after bootcamp will be able to add a few other definitions in there too. Bring it on!!

I am so excited for you! I know big and wonderful things are going to happen!

Love the white space! It is so amazing. I wish I could go to bootcamp too!!

I am SO beyond excited about this course!! I can’t wait to register and get started. I know it’s going to be epic for my creativity!

Brilliant analogy, M. Love the way your mind thinks, works, friend. So very. very.very excited for Boot Camp this year.


I am on. Cannot wait to start

Wonderfully stated.. “get a niche and rock it!” But is the only way to be successful as an artist to quickly try and box ourselves into a small corner of the artistic world?

I am now thinking more about me as an artist, you have helped nurture my divergent thinking yet again.


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