Sunshine on a Cloudy Day…

***Just a little announcement that the January check in for the 365 Days project is being held this over at my friend Anika’s place. Do stop over and share your words and images from this month!***

This week, in its details, has not been great. There was sickness and frustration and bad days and bad moods and too much work and too little motivation…it was challenging to sum it up. But as I take my trouble to God, I feel so humbly awful about complaining about my beautiful life filled with multitudes of blessings. So I’m here today to focus on the positive: to look back at the week with new vision…a vision of gratitude!

I actually used to do a feature called Realities & Blessings…and each and every Friday I would come and turn my realities of the week {the not-so-pretty stuff} into blessings {seeing the good in them}. It was therapeutic and lovely, but ultimately, I just can’t seem to commit to posting each and every Friday. And today, well today, the realities of my week loom largely over my head. And today I’d only like to see the blessings!

One thing that has brought me great joy this week has been all of your kind comments regarding the Creativity Boot Camp Workbook. I enjoyed putting all the goodness of last year’s course into e-book form for you to have and keep and work through when you needed it. And all your warm words were so kind and so gratifying!

Almost as wonderful was the fruits of my trip to the library this week. My search turned up a copy of Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to A Young Poet. I will only say {because it is the only way to put such magical greatness into words} that these words are a warm hug for the artist’s soul. Truly, I have never read a more inspiring, more deeply understanding and wise book. Let me warn you though, if you are going to dive into this amazing collection of wisdom, do so with a healthy highlighter and a large stack of post-it notes. I know that I’ll be picking up a copy of my very own to cherish for years and years!

Also on my list of blessings this week is the awareness of my blessings. Yesterday, a friend pointed me in the direction of this link. I followed the image documentary of Julie through the seven years of Darcy Padilla’s project and after I had read and witnessed it all through Darcy’s amazing lifestyle portraits, I was in tears and humbled. I can’t stop think about this woman and her life. I also feel that, somehow, seeing this has forever changed the way I view photography and what my place in this world as a photographer should be.

Certainly not last on my list of blessings is the kindness and support I received from a few wonderful friends this week! I cannot express the feeling of having people in your life that you can go to and get such a positive response to your thoughts and ideas. Friends are not a given in this world and true friends are about as rare as gold in my backyard!

Lastly, I’m grateful for bad days and bad weeks that offer me the opportunity to reflect and grow into those reflections. I know {deeply I know} that this sounds rather hokey…but it’s true. As much as I dislike seeing a reflection of myself that is less than perfect, it shows me in what areas I need improving.

So, my friends, as this particular week comes to a close, I’m seeing the areas where I need to grow. And this dark cloud that I’ve been carrying around needs some attention and then it will go away! So I’m going to {try very very hard} to shut off my computer all weekend long. My children need my presence, my new library lovelies need to be read, my soul needs to be settled, and my heart needs to hear God.

So, later today, I will be posting the new Sunday Creative theme for next week. I’m sorry if you didn’t get an opportunity to submit your interpretation. You can always submit your image to the Flickr group pool! I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday! Next week, we welcome a new month and all the freshness that entails!

So enjoy your weekend, my friends! Please don’t be offended if you don’t hear from me {or hear back from me} as that only means that I’m succeeding in my weekend goal!

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed your realities and blessings until I read this and was reminded of how reading your words always causing me to look inward and turn my own realities around. Your sweet spirit always reminds me that I’ve been blessed and encourages me to press forward.

Happy weekend, my friend :) Enjoy your babes, your books and your breather from your computer!

Happy weekend, my friend! Enjoy your babes, your books and your breather from your computer :)

I have a copy of Letters to a Young Poet in a box somewhere… excited to unpack it after the move :)
Love those pictures, what a sweetheart!

Oh, I love this today. I have found that a break can be so good for the soul. My family also needs me on the weekends. Sometimes I prepare my posts early and all I have to do is click them on. I keep the weekends as simple as possible and that gives me the freedom that I need to write and take pictures the rest of the week. Have a wonderful break. We will all see you soon.

So sweet…those are fabulous photos. Thanks for letting me host this month, it was fun!

You are so deeply blessed! It can be hard to see that during hard weeks though.

I haven’t read the ebook yet but I’m excited to dive in!

I hope your unplugged weekend was amazin {because I know you won’t read this until Monday, right!!??} So I better not hear back from you until Monday. :)
Off to check out the link you posted about Darcy Padilla. Excited.
Love you, Maegan, and I adore your beautifully soft images in this post. So, so lovely.

Thank you so much for sharing the Creativity Boot Camp workbook! I think I stumbled across your blog just as the CBC had finished last year, so I had missed out. But it turns out your e-book came at a very auspicious time. I’m just about to start my second novel and I have all these ideas, but I was still missing that little *click*. That thing that makes me obsessed, that keeps me in the shower too long because I’m thinking of dialogue (and forgetting whether I’ve already shampooed or not), that thing that makes me pull over while I drive so I can jot down a note on a crumpled receipt, that thing that makes time lose all meaning. I was missing that and it paralyzed me. Your e-book got me writing again. Little snippets, nothing concrete, but at least I’m writing.

And then, following your suggestion to read Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, I downloaded it to my Kindle and spent the entire afternoon reading it TWICE and highlighting it – and I felt the *click*. He said “Go within and scale the depths of your being from which your very life springs forth.” And so I did and there it was. The click was inside all along; I just had to listen for it.

So thank you, for the inspiration. And for helping me tune my ears back within again. I am more grateful than I can say.

I can’t wait to die into the workbook! What an awesome gift! Thank you!
As for being positive, I have a book of natural medicine that talks about the importance of thinking positive and how it’s a habit. Since I read that book a few years ago, I always make thinking positive a habit. Sometimes people (mostly my husband) call be “Pollyanna”. It doesn’t bother me. It’s better than “grumpy butt”, which is what I like to call him. :)

so sweet pictures Maegan, your little one is so that lace umbrella,and the tones are so pretty.

Thanks so much for the boot camp e course…I just got around to downloading it this morning and can’t wait to dive in! You are so generous. I love these pics of your little girl……what a beautiful memory and treasure for her when she grows up! Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

Love the cutie patootie pnohco! Thanks for the pnohco making link, want to make my girls one each. Ahh angora.. I loved it so much I bought 5 angora rabbits to feed my habit. Love spinning it. You can sometimes find it reasonable on ebay and if not email me and I will pass on the addy of a breeder/spinner I know who sells it. Canadian too so your dollar is worth more

Essays like this are so important to broadening people’s horizons.

How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

F a c e b o o k