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A cold virus is getting the better of me this week. {’tis the season!} So I wanted to do something fun around here to liven my spirits! Actually, I have something super fun to give you all tomorrow…but first things first!

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just nosy by nature,  but seeing other people’s creative spaces always intrigues and inspires me. Granted, being a photographer, I don’t spend much time in my creative space…but it is where I go when my batteries need charging. I used to feel a bit vulnerable about my space because it doesn’t look anything like those magnificent creative spaces that you always see pictures of and go “omg…that is such an amazing creative space!” But, this space has evolved slowly over time to be exactly what I need it to be. It’s a place to store my creative stuff, a place with great light for my still lifes, and a place where I can go and shut the door and get messy {whether that be literally with paints and stamps and inks and glue, or metaphorically with a good pen and my journal.}

So today, I’m opening the doors of my very sacred creative space to you. You’ll see it’s nothing too special…but it’s an amazing lifeline for me at times! Having a designated “creative space” places a certain value on the creative aspect of your life. And that, my friends, changes everything!

So without further ado…a virtual tour…

So, where I’d love to have one of those magazine replicated craft rooms with the individual wooden spools for my ribbon collection, a hanging cork board for all the bits and pieces of inspiration that I carefully gather, and perhaps even a gigantic abacus just for fun…I’m blessed to have a space to call my own in this little house of ours and it serves me quite well just as it is!

Some truths:

  • Prior to Christmas, I could not even walk into this room it was such a mess. I honestly didn’t even know if my craft table was still there
  • After Christmas, I worked slowly and steadily for an hour or so each evening for nearly two weeks {and counting} to get the room cleaned up and functionally organized. It’s still a work in progress.
  • My stash of materials has been growing for about five years. I’m just getting to the point where I feel like using it…really using it…instead of feeling like I should save it for something special. Everything is special!
  • There are areas of this room that I would never photograph!
  • Brent grew up in the house we now live in…this was his bedroom.
  • No…we do not live with Brent’s parents…we bought {or are buying for the next 150? plus years} the house from them.

Okay…so there is my creative space! Please, please, please do stop by tomorrow! I’m very excited to give you this gift and I think it has rather perfect timing what with all this lack of creative mojo going around! Until then…

I love it! I’ve started cleaning out my space, too – my own room featuring a large table in front of the window overlooking the woods… although until I get a lap top, I’m relegated to working at the PC in a corner of the livingroom. You’ve inspired me to finish creating my space – and get moved!

ooooh, i do love the sneak peek into your space Maegan!

My creative space also stores my Christmas decorations. And as you did, all my stuff is creeping towards the doors. Since I don’t rubberstamp anymore or scrapbook, I wanted to give all my supplies away – except my granddarlings use it when they visit…and just recently they were used by my highschool granddarling for a school project. So thanks for inspiration to organize before they find me underneath it all!

Loved peeking into your creative space. You’ve done an amazing job organizing it all….mine still looks like a bomb went off (and I still have a Christmas project spread all out). Thanks for sharing.

Very lovely space Maegan! I like the blue color tones in your processing. You are very lucky to have a space of your own and it does have very beautiful window light! I’m jealous!! : )

I truly adore your space! I love seeing all of your cameras and pictures lining the wall. And of course your little bundle of joy traipsing around :)

And I think it’s really neat that you are living in a house that was your husbands home growing up. That makes it all the more special.


Your space is beautiful. Can’t wait to come back tomorrow :)

I (get ready for this) love Love LOve LOVe LOVE L-O-V-E this!!! I’m envious of it. I can’t wait to move so I can have my very own space, too. (I have a vintage desk chillin, quite literally, in storage. Yes, there was a tear drop that just fell in Michigan)

And I adore your truths, too.

Ps. I rock out to mixed tapes, too. There is one that is my favorite that I’ve had since I was 14. My bff made it… classics include DIO, Queensryche, Alice Cooper, and Led Zeppelin. :)

It should not be a surprise that what you have set up is what I envision (only in a corner… not a whole room) in our new place :)

Absolutely lovely. I love that it just exudes your creative spirit.

Neat space…………….in every sense of the word!

Oh I love a nosey into other people’s creative spaces! Mine is bright green – it started with 4 green walls until the morning after I painted it when I walked in and, in my mother’s words, it was like walking into a giant green apple! It is also incomplete, pretty messy, full of potential, and all mine! Thanks for sharing :)

oh..I just love visiting creative spaces and yours is inspirational! Mine is just messy and seems to be combined with the “spot in the house where things go when they have no other home.” I would love to get organized like you. I love the branch with things hanging from it that you made..and how cool that you still have your mix tapes!

i’m so loving your creative space!

Wow I absolutely love this!!! Unfortunately I don’t have a creative space, but this inspires me to set one up, all my art supplies are in big boxes, not well organized….I do have a corkboard in my room of pieces of inspirational artwork, photos, words, memories, etc. But every time I want to create, I have to drag my boxes out, and sometimes just thought of that hinders my creativity!! I think this is a must…I love everything about yours. The way you have all the art supplies organized, the display of your own artwork, the cameras, just the fact that the whole little station is your own personal area!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

I really enjoyed seeing your space, M.! I don’t have a creative space {gasp! I know!} At this point, I’d love one but we are quite literally out of space.
Also, I ADORE that you rock out to mix tapes, and your painting is beautiful. Your space feels very true to who you are, friend. Thanks for sharing this bit.

I love peeking into creative spaces. I think they’re all unique but mostly I believe it’s the work that comes out of a space that makes it magical. Yours is no exception.

Such an incredible space! I love it and can see that it gets real use – which makes it doubly great.

I also LOVE Kelly Rae Robers!

I enjoyed seeing these pictures… you’re lucky you have a door. My “office” is right in the middle of the house. It’s okay when the kids are at school, but in the evenings and on weekends, and all summer, I have a steady stream of foot traffic right through it. sigh. :)


your space is so neat and well organized. i am in the process of cleaning up mine, sorting and labeling, so hopefully it will look as good someday. thanks for the inspiration.

Oh, I love it. My creative space is currently loaned out to one of the kids for a bedroom. One of these days, I will probably get it back. Love yours though. At least I know there is always hope.

What a beautiful space! Hmm…I’m thinking I need a space of my own. I’ll have to hunt around & see where I can squeeze in. As for tomorrow, I ? surprises! Hugs & Blessings!

I absolutely love your creative space, thank you so much for sharing it, it looks so tidy and organised.

I love your creative space and am green with envy. I haven’t set one up where I’m currently living as I know I’m moving in about 5 months (though I really should find my desk) but can’t wait til I have a space of my own.

You’re inspiring me to clean up and organize MY little space. Lovely!

oh Maegan, it does look like all these “omg” spaces! it definitely does! it looks so well organized! i like your photos of your creative space and enjoyed reading your notes that you added to pics. so lovely space you have.…i was just having very very quiet thoughts about some space that i should (maybe) have (one day). thank you for sharing. i am going to try to find some space for me in my new home.

Thank you for sharing your creative space. I used to have a 20 x 20 art studio in my home in NV. It wasn’t magazine ready, but it was highly functional, organized and large enough to host friends over for workshops. I moved from NV to CO (CO is my home state) and am currently living in my sisters basement. /: She was gracious enough to give up her den/tv room so I could set up a small creative space. By most peoples standards, it’s still fairly large, but going from a 20×20 space to a 10×12 space has forced me to store a lot of my supplies, art work and inspirational books/magazines. I’ve spent the last two months unpacking, prioritizing, organizing and repacking. I’m down to finding a place for the little things I just don’t want to pack away, but don’t really have a “use” for yet. I’m an hour, maybe two away from having it all done. I haven’t felt the creative spark in my new space, yet…but perhaps when it’s DONE, it will start feeling like “My Space”. Thanks again for sharing yours (and for the comment on using your stuff because everything is special. I tend to hold on to stuff for “special” creations and thus have a LOT of stuff)! Awesome post!
Mary B.

i love that you shared this, i also love seeing the creative spaces of others…and yours is fantastic!

and…i LOVE that you listen to mixed tapes…

the other thing you said that made me think “holy…that is just like me!” is the part about finally feeling like you can use some of what you have instead of always feeling you have to hold on to it…i am totally like that.

What can I say?
“omg… that is such an amazing creative space!”
Seriously, it is perfect and beautiful and dynamic and creative – and it makes me want to go home right now and be creative in my space!

What a delightful space & post. You’re a fabulous writer!

Your space is gorgeous! Love the pictures, your comments and all the beautiful things in your space (including a few retro ones!). I like your truth about ‘everything is special’ – all too often we cling onto beautiful things instead of adding to their beauty.

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