Final Details {a bit of a hodge-podge post}…

This week for us is all about the final details…adding the final touches to our handmade gifts, wrapping, topping, sending out, and giving. We are finding just the right ways to add our signature to our special gifts! These ‘made with love’ gift tags were a last minute addition to many of my hand knitted gifts and a similar version will top the gifts from the girls.

We are getting very excited about presenting our wares for giving later this week! And we are trying very hard to continue our enjoyment of this handmade-gift-process through to the end.

This week is also about savoring those very precious, once a year, lights of the Christmas tree, anticipation of Christmas Day, welcoming winter, cozy moments! And we are doing so this week while reading all our Christmas stories, celebrating tomorrow’s Solstice, and being present in each and every moment of this somewhat harried and busy week.

I’m wishing you a cozy spot within the warm glow of the Christmas tree…something maybe like what our faithful dog has found in our hats, scarves, & mittens basket…surrounded by those you love!

**Please join me back here tomorrow on the Solstice as I have a  special winter welcoming gift for you all! **

your dog in that basket and the look, so cute!

So cute! Your puppy looks very happy. Beautiful tags on the presents!

Love the dog in the basket. Charmaine

The gifts are going to be a huge hit!

you have some pretty lucky friends and family receiving all that handmade goodness!

Love the details. I wish I could make these things as well as you. simply beautiful.

Oh it looks so Christmassy and cosy in your house! Love these last few days before the gift giving and receiving – in fact, I think it’s my favourite bit! We have a solstice birthday boy (hubby) in our house so we’re trying to get into the way of ‘Happy Birthday’ instead of ‘Jingle Bells’ which makes for added fun (and gift pressure!) Love how your gifts are looking x

Commenting on this post and the latter one as well.
I adore this photo of your dog. I don’t remember seeing a family dog in other posts….likely I just wasn’t paying attention. I am alwasy amazed at all the crafty stuff you have going on in your shots.
Thank you for the gift of snowflake textures. I don’t know what I’ll do with them, but maybe I’ll think of something. Thank you as well for the poem about spring being on the way….it helps.
Blessed holidays to you and your family-including that sweet pooch.

F a c e b o o k