Oh, Hello There August…

I almost didn’t see you come in! Which is funny, really, because I have been looking forward to your arrival. You see, your presence means many things to me this year. Good things! Great things, in fact! Well, sure, I will tell you. How about a list…a 30 Things List

30 Things That I Will Do This August

  1. Celebrate my eldest daughter’s sixth birthday
  2. Revel in the fact six years ago I became a mother and it has fundamentally changed me as a person
  3. Turn 30
  4. Consequently, leave my twenties
  5. Enter a new decade of my life
  6. Formally establish my portrait photography business
  7. Work on building the website for said photography business
  8. Have multiple portrait sessions {which are already booked! Eeeeppp!}
  9. Celebrate my seventh wedding anniversary
  10. Read Eat Pray Love
  11. Go see Eat Pray Love at the movie theater while eating a huge box of popcorn
  12. Finally have this God awful wallpaper taken down off of my living and dining room walls
  13. Watch my living area turn green! {I’m so excited…I’ll share pics…promise!}
  14. Frame large pictures of my children {which I have taken} and hang them on our new green walls
  15. Take our family portraits
  16. Have multiple parties celebrating the multiple birthdays in this house
  17. Complete my 365 Photo-a-Day project {although I’ve been slacking off a bit lately}
  18. Sleep in a tent outside {because I said I would do that this summer and I need to get that done}
  19. Begin to think about pumpkins and leaves and boots and sweaters
  20. Begin thinking about Christmas
  21. Send my second born off to preschool for the first time
  22. Be without my eldest for the entire school day as she begins first grade
  23. Find new schedules and patterns that will come with the start of the school year
  24. Hopefully, maybe, possibly get a couple more kid-free mornings this summer compliments of my home for the summer mom {pretty please, Mom!!!}
  25. Define some boundaries in my life to help me stay more balanced
  26. Get together with friends
  27. Get together with family
  28. Finish blogging about my trip to Maine and finally move beyond that one amazing week
  29. Turn off my computer when I need for my computer to be turned. off.
  30. Celebrate and welcome the transitions and changes that intrinsically accompany this fine month

What a glorious month you have planned. I can honestly say turning 30 was the start of so many wonderful things for me – I home you can say the same.

I so get #29, I’m hoping to do lots of them, but especially #6.

have a great august!

This gave me chills! SO many incredible moments in the making :)

Sarah Beth

My little brother will be turning six this month as well!
I love your list…and I love that photo. So fun!

It sounds like a wonderfully busy month!

I have been following your blog for a while now, and I love it. Your photos are so unique- they inspire me!

Your list is so great- August is a big month of celebrations in my family as well. Hope this month turns out just how you want it!


oh i feel so old….
you’re turning 30 this month and i turn 46…..CRAP, that’s a huge difference !
and now my nest is empty with both kids gone now…..no schedules or anything….aackkk !

what a fabulous list……you are so ambitious!

Wow, that is a busy month. Happy birthday to you and your daughter. Being 30 isn’t so bad.

Sounds amazing…I love that you are starting a new buisness…I bet you will be super busy…love your style.
You have a such a wonderful list…so much too look forward too and be inspired by Maegan!

such a fun photo! i hope you achieve all items on your list and wish you all resources to make it so. i am a teacher and my first day back was today so our summer is officially over, which is hard for me to believe when i look at the calendar. it was wonderful so i can’t complain…

I must say, that is a very ambitious list for August. Way to go!

You’ve got a pretty inspiring list! I turned thirty this year too AND my hubby and I celebrated our 7th anniversary as well. :) I’m sooooo excited to see Eat Pray Love, haven’t read the book yet, but I really hope it is good!!

Hope you’re having a lovely week!


awww your daughter is adorable!! and good luck with your list!

It’s a great list! But way to early to think about Halloween or Christmas… unless you like to be very organized!

what a wonderful list, I need to work on number 25 a little myself…


Your list is delightful. Turning 30 isn’t so bad, I’ll be celebrating my 31st on the 20th of August. Leos rock!

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary chica! 7 years is a big deal.

Carol Blackburn

Yes, it is August all right. The wonderfully hot, toasty weather has been replaced by cool mornings and lots of thunder showers here. The dog days of summer no longer happen in August but have dropped back to July. The season is shorter. Maybe only I notice this, but I swear it’s true. My tomatoes haven’t even ripened yet or my sunflowers bloomed………….huh.

what a great month! :) sounds like a month full of jOy! :)


wow! quite a project! yes, life will change after 30. i’ve been struggling for the past 2 years, but now learning to let go, b/c my twenties are gone & never coming back. so learn to love the moment :)

sounds like a wonderful month ahead!

sounds like a great list!!! I just did #10 then mailed it to my sister and im going to do #11 the min it comes out!~!!

wonderful to read your list and recognize the things that change and the things that stay the same (i’m a bit further down the road of life than you are). i am going to think about my own list, thanks for the inspiration as always :)


Multiple parties! Yeah! It sounds like its going to be a wonderful month – enjoy!

Another great list, Meagan! I’m so excited to see where your portrait photography business takes you. And a little jealous that mine is on a back burner at the minute. Happy August to you x

another awesome list! so many of those things on your list are on my “mental list” too. you have a big month ahead of you full of big things! happy august to you maegan…love this picture! XO

I love the way you slipped “define some boundaries and stay balanced” in there at number 25 – like it’s no big thing!
AND I love that picture of Rayne. I hope it’s going on the green walls! (Did you know my living/dining room is green too? Another example of our kindred-spiritness!)

Love your list and I love your photos! Have been following your blog for a short period of time now. Let me know how 30 feels–I will be there in 7 months and not sure what to make of it! AND, I send my first born off to preschool this year. *tear* My baby boy is growing up! :)

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