Happy 6th Birthday, Rayne…

My eldest daughter celebrates her 6th birthday today. Six years ago I became a mother to this sweet and beautiful girl who I promise is teaching me more about life than I am teaching her. My heart fills, spills, and pours out all over with love for this girl. And so, as has become a birthday custom around these parts…

30 Things I Love About Rayne

  1. Her caring and compassionate nature
  2. Her constantly inquisitive mind
  3. Her beautiful green eyes {that were blue for two years}
  4. Her enormous heart
  5. Her enthusiasm for life and everything that life holds
  6. Her love of learning
  7. Her love of reading
  8. Her ability to go with the flow and be game for anything
  9. Her ability to make everyone feel special and loved
  10. Her ability to make friends easily
  11. Her goofy sense of humor
  12. How sometimes she reminds me so much of her dad
  13. How sometimes she reminds me so much of myself
  14. The fierce love she carries for her sisters
  15. Her love of music
  16. Her love of dancing
  17. Her insanely good ability to draw
  18. How she says that she wants to be a mom and an artist when she grows up {heart melting}
  19. How she says she wants to marry her daddy
  20. The way she loves to run barefooted outside
  21. Her sensitive nature
  22. Her extraordinary natural intuition
  23. That she is articulate and outspoken
  24. That she wants happiness so badly for those around her
  25. How she remembers EVERYTHING
  26. Her independence
  27. Her willingness to help anyone
  28. Her warm and inviting smile
  29. The way she listens and hang on to every word
  30. That she absolutely and truly believes she is a princess

Let me just say that was hands down the easiest 30 Lists I have ever written! And now I’d like to share with you some of our favorites from the very specail photo session I had with Rayne a few weeks ago. hotos by me; shoot styling by Rayne and me.

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby Rayne! You are so incredibly loved and admired! xoxo

Happy Birthday Rayne! Maegan, these photos of your gorgeous daughter are just stunning! Wonderful work!

Happy Birthday Rayne! Beautiful girl and gorgeous photos!

Sarah Beth

These are SO beautiful Maegan! Happy Birthday to her.
I can see so much of you in her face,so pretty!

Awe, she’s adorable and your photos are amazing as usual! My daughters name is Raena (Ray-na) which is very similar :)

Maegan! She *is* incredibly blessed to have you as her mama and personal photog! I love this session, her dress, the whole theme. I can’t wait till Abby’s older so I can tell her what to do! Happy birthday to your sweet little one, X’s

oh, this is just wonderful, the post and the pictures of her! and wow Maegan, she looks sooo much like you! that is one awesome list, what a wonderful little girl you are raising! Happy Birthday to Rayne!

Seriously, she is just a gorgeous young lady! I love the rich colors and her dress fits in so perfectly with each and every scene. Happiest of birthdays to her! I wish that I had a mother who made me feel as special as you have made her feel :)

Laura Lea

How glorious that you two can share this together! I love that she helps you in the photo session! Wants to be an artist too when she grows up, I can see the melting heart from here and feel the proud mother’s glow of warmth from the words and photos! Happy Birthday!

stunning!!! gorgeous colors & light, maegan …

How lovely. Happy birthday to Rayne.

These are stunning photos, Maegan! Rayne is so beautiful and talented … happy birthday to your little princess! xo

happy birthday!!!! She looks sooo grown up here!

lovely shots,congrats!


Those are beautiful! Love your light! What a doll you have!! Thanks for sharing!! Love reading your 30 things you love about her. What a great mom you are!! :)

what a beautiful daughter you have. i love your idea of making a list on her birthday – something she will always treasure.

Happy Birthday to Rayne :)
Those shots are beautiful, she’s such a sweet girl – and so beautiful! You guys did a wonderful job with that shoot.
Hope today was exquisite :)

what a sweetheart! happy birthday Rayne!!

What a sweet sweet post! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Love Love these shots!!! Happy Birthday to your daughter :) Mine is turnig 2 next Tuesday :( The time we have with them needs to slow down!!!


I know exactly how you feel as I feel the same way over my son so :-) again!

What a beautiful set of photos! Rayne is a lovely little girl and looks so like you, Maegan!

GEna D

Happy b-day Rayne and wonderful wonderful images Madeline – i so wish I had a little one to model so beautifully for me!!!

Happy Birthday, Rayne!! What a beautiful girl and what a wonderful tribute to your oldest!
(And being the mother of a girl, I can appreciate why you capitalized EVERYTHING, as in remembers EVERYTHING!)


wow, beautiful photos of the birthday girl. happy birthday Rayne!
I love those photos that are crisp, and prefer them actually to the foggy day photos I see all the time. Good job!


what a gorgeous & special shoot for her. i hope she had a wonderful day!

WOW amazing photos, such a pretty girl you have.

Beautiful girl and beautiful photos! Both of you did an amazing job with the styling! Happy (belated) Birthday Rayne!

Happy Birthday to a beautiful and wonderful little girl

omg..these are GORGEOUS! I love every single one of them. I love her dress, the pearls, the suitcase..it’s so perfect! She has such a sweet look to her, just like everything you said!

She’s so incredibly beautiful! Happy birthday to G.’s birthday buddy. I told G. she was his birthday buddy, and he said, “Well, should we sing to her, too?” Lol. So cute.

Such beautiful photos, Maegan. She will totally treasure that list in years to come :)

I’m so sad I have missed this…Happy Belated Bday to Rayne. I’ve always loved that name. I hope she had a wonderful day. These photos are beautiful.

Laura King

These are absolutely WOWIE, the colors, the props, the processing,and of course the gorgeous birthday girl!

F a c e b o o k