365 Days {Plus Thirty}…

Today is the final day of my 365 Day Photo-A-Day project!  I am feeling proud and relieved and excited and grateful. To say that this experience was meaningful in my life would be a dramatic understatement. To say that it literally changed my life would not be far from the truth.

When I began this project on August 17th, 2009, I was in love with photography but taking mediocre pictures with a decent point and shoot camera. As I sit here today, I am taking much better photos with my DSLR camera in manual mode at all times. When I began this project, I had little knowledge of the terms exposure, aperture, white balance, etc. Today, I confidently know, understand, and utilize these terms with respect to my camera. When I began this project, I was knee deep in a soap making business that was no longer serving me. Today, I am in the beginning stages of a portrait photography business…a real life dream come true! When I began this project, I had a couple of online friends who read my blog every once in a while. Today, I have a blessed abundance of real friends that I have made through Flickr and this blog and I have to admit that it all began with my more active participation on Flickr…yes, through this project!

My primary purpose for beginning this project was to learn how to take better pictures. I also wanted to capture this last year in my twenties in a meaningful way. What I now have is a year’s worth of photos that depict my life, my love, my family, my heart, and my soul. Here are just a few of the images I have collected over the past year. Thank you all for taking this journey with me!

Coincidentally {but not so coincidentally, I am thirty today. I’m ready and, might I add, blissfully happy to leave my twenties behind me and I’m forging straight ahead into this new decade! I am looking forward to spending today {as well as this whole entire year } with my family…enjoying the good life!  I hope you all have an amazing August, 17th! xoxo

Jane Koons

You are all such a pleasure to know, it makes me cry and laugh when I think about all of you being very special family. I think of everyone everyday and wish good wishes for you all. I love you all, my Nieces and Nephew. XXOO

Congrats on completing this project! It’s been a joy to experience your beautiful work!

I hope your birthday was just wonderful, Maegan.
I cannot believe you’ve only been shooting for a year. Wow. You really have an eye for capturing beauty.
Perhaps, I’ll start a 365 challenge … this is very inspiring.

all of your shots are so amazing! congrats on your completion of your 365! you are such an inspiration to me and it is so amazing to see all you have accomplished in just one year! it is truly an inspiration to me! congrats again!

Just beautiful! Congratulations on the completion of such an amazing project :)


Congratulations on your 365 accomplishment and making it out of your twenties, Maegan! And kudos for inspiring so many, including myself, each and every day.

wow you are soo talented. Great photos,
you are very inspiring.

I left birthday wishes on flickr and then forgot about here!!! ack!!!
May your 30’s be a fantastic continuation of the journey you’ve started.
Happy Birthday!

oh, happy, happy, birthday sweet friend and a big CONGRATULATIONS on your 365 day project and journey. i am so proud of you for sticking to it and only hope i can do the same. i heart all of your pictures and like i previously mentioned in my last comment you inspire me! enjoy your 30’s

Happy (very belated) birthday Maegan! You will love your 30’s.
I saw this post the other day, didn’t get chance to read or comment but the collection of some of your photos is GORGEOUS.
I can’t believe you have only been taking photos for a year. Love your color sense and style!
Keep it up!

Happy Birthday and it’s been wonderful to see your photography take shape both through Flickr and your blog. 365 Project is something that I have not been able to tackle, so I give you huge props for that!! You really have to be committed to your craft to do it every single day for a year!! Best of luck with the portrait photography!

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