The Sunday Creative {July 25-31}

Welcome to The Sunday Creative! In this space, each week, on Sunday, I will offer a creative prompt; just one word that you can use as kindle for your creative fire in a project which I hope you’ll consider sharing here!

You can use the word in it’s literal or figurative sense…do not be bound by traditional implications or definitions of the word…but also don’t feel like you have to have some broad and deep interpretation…just go with where you feel the prompt leading you. Your work can be in absolutely any medium!

It is my hope that through these weekly creative prompts that we can all continue to foster creativity, stretch our creative muscles, and grow in our collective creative community!

You will find the week’s prompt every week here on Sundays. You can link to your project any time throughout the week. I ask that you only link up once, that you visit and support the other participants, and that this space remains nothing but positive and encouraging of everyone’s creativity!

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This week’s prompt:
(*see note below)


*I love this prompt! I think there is a wide variety of interpretation to be found within it. However, I will ask that you keep your submissions at a PG-13 level. Please no lude images! My children look at this blog!

To help you, I’m including Webster’s definition so you can grasp the WIDE range of options here:

Naked: 1. Having no clothes on, 2. Unsheathed, 3. Lacking a usual or natural covering, 4. Plain, Unadorned, 5. Not aided by artificial means

The Sunday Creative

Please link to the exact post or image that correlates with your Sunday Creative submission. Also, if there is no mention of The Sunday Creative and the prompt in your post, your link will be deleted. Part of the fun of having weekly prompts is the community and sharing; please visit some of the other submissions and leave them some love!

Thanks for hosting! Prompt word flooded my imagination, however I don’t want others knowing that much about me!

What a fun prompt! I had a lot of fun with it and want to thank you for making me think outside of the box, at first when I read the prompt “naked” I was like, ohhhh, what am I going to do with that, then I saw my big box of crayons and thought hmmm, I could have fun with that.

This is such a great prompt, Maegan! Looking forward to getting my photo on with this one. Yes, I just said that.

Thanks for the fun! I was invited by Ewenique (Margaret).



Oh wow! Now this is a challenge! Uh, thanks Maegan for making me dig deep. Now to think of something… hmmm.

Thanks for hosting this! (Sorry, for some reason I wasn’t able to get the button working for the Sunday Creative on my post, but I did include a link.)

hi, i’m joining in with you this week, looks like lots of fun, and i’ve been looking for something a little more creative.

This was such a fun week – I really enjoyed creating my piece of this. Thanks.

I managed to get my photograph taken just in time. Thank you for another prompt that made me think all week!

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