I entered this past weekend seeking solace. In no specific terms, I plainly asked the Universe to press my reset button. I was no longer running properly, needed to be shut down, and begin anew; with all the same functions and features, just refreshed.

I mentioned that the goal of my weekend was maximum fun and minimal work…and I made sure to stick to that. Other than a few must-run errands here and there, the two days were set aside for relaxing and truly being present with my family.

It worked. And we ended a really good, low-key weekend at a local gorgeous lake atop a beautiful mountain. Picnic dinner, swimming, fresh air, smiles, laughs, chilly breezes…I was looking for solace and found complete and utter joy…all in my own backyard.

Because happiness and joy is not about where you are, what you’re doing, or what you’re not doing. It’s about your approach, your intention, and your perception. I have been mourning the end of my vacation in Maine for weeks. I have been sad that our carefree, happy together week of the summer had come and gone. But I found that, any time I choose, I could return to that blissful state of lightheartedness. I just had to decide to let go! This weekend I realized very clearly that the power to turn off the obligation switch is in my very own hands.  I had been wanting to “get away” again so badly. But the only thing that had been holding me back was myself.

I hope that you all found what you were seeking {and a little extra that maybe you weren’t} this weekend!

Beautifully stated and so true!


What a lovely post. And it is so true. Often the only thing that needs altering is our own thoughts and perceptions! Joy can be found when and where ever! Thanks for reminding me!

I totally have that skirt!! But in pink! I seriously wear it everyday it feels like! Great post!!

Beautiful post…must say I feel I have been feeling the same way a lot lately.
I think your lovely words really sum up those feelings-
Lovely refreshing images.

It sounds like we were very much in the same place, huh? And sometimes even when we know we need to “flip the switch” it’s still hard to do. Glad you were able to and enjoyed a great weekend with your family!

Carol Blackburn

Very beautiful post, Madeline. Love your photos and commentary. Where in Maine were you vacationing? I live in Norway, ME which is in the western lakes region and the most beautiful place to live. So glad you had a great time in this wonderful state.

This is SUCH a beautiful post! It is amazing what just being fully present can do for your state of stress.
Thank you so much for sharing your peace and joy with us! :)

That darn self… it does it to me too 😉
So glad you had that time. Looks absolutely breathtaking.

Ah, we all need that “recharging” time, don’t we?!

What you wrote touched me deeply. I too need that solice occasionaly. Thanks for sharing.

you really nailed this post, maegan. happiness is a state of mind, and when you wish to have it, that’s when it happens. you really do have to make it happen! great job, friend!

I just love what you said about approach,intention, and perception…so true! Sounds and looks like a beautiful weekend, I love your blue toes! How lucky you are to have that lake so close by!

Good for you and your family! Appreciate your honesty…sometimes I feel as though I’m the only one in blogland feeling stressed and worn out.


C an understand why you’d like a Maine vacation to live on… absolutely gorgeous! Nice post :)

Glad you found your reset button!

I needed this post so much this week. Thank you.

angie reese

wow i feel you! That is how i have been feeling ever since…Not much posting FB I just needed to be away. Im glad i am not only one. I love the photos!! priceless :) Glad you had a good time!! oxox to you Maegan!

angie reese


Oh Meagan… it looks like you had SUCH a wonderful time!!! Good for you… how nice to be recharged:)

Oh Maegan, it looks like you had SUCH a wonderful time! Good for you… good to be recharged:)

angie reese

eh? sorry abt that comment i just did oops!! hee hee!

lots of hugs!!!!

Such a beautiful post and lovely images. Thanks for the great reminder that we ourselves determine what is most important in our daily lives. I’m so glad you had a great weekend with your sweet family.

I think I’m looking for a bit of what you’ve found, Maegan! I’m going to try and follow your lead and let go a bit as we head to the North coast this weekend before my husband goes back to work. Fingers crossed!


Great post Maegan.. what a great reminder that you don’t always have to get away to find some peace and rest.. it really is a matter of choice and what is needed at that time.. so glad you had a great weekend.. xoxo

mmm, we had a day like that here too–so restful it was like vacation.

you’re right, the flip to switch and choice is ours.

[…] “ I entered this past weekend seeking solace. In no specific terms, I plainly asked the Universe to press my reset button. I was no longer running properly, needed to be shut down, and begin anew; with all the same functions and features, just refreshed”. Madeline Bea. […]

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