Open House Giveaway Winners…

Okay, everyone…I was finally able to get my act together a bit to enlist the Random Number Generator to help me get some winners for ALL THOSE AMAZING GIVEAWAYS!!!!!  In my defense, there were A LOT of giveaways to pick winners for and A LOT of entries…so I’m sure you can understand that I needed full faculties for a good 45 minutes and being a mom to three just doesn’t afford me many of those opportunities. So, without further ado…

Day 1 Winners

#1…winner of the set of photographic greeting cards from A Very Story

cute, cute, cute!
Happy Housewarming to you!


#2…winner of the Simple Love-n Note Cards

Love those cards. I’m 0off to have a look at the the websites. How fun. Happy Open House!

Day 2 Winners

#1…winner of your choice of print from Sam and Emma

ooh such lovely items,,hoping to win!! have so say still missing boot camp.. a little withdrawal im sure heheeh


#2…winner of the Lake Superior rock earring from Ginger Lee Studios

Karen Walker
So glad I checked in here after my week away to find all these lovely giveaways
Winner of 1 month of free advertising with Bigger Picture Blogs

this would be fabulous! thanks for such a generous giveaway!

Day 4 Winners

#1…winner of the print by Linda Jackman Photography


Simple beauty is what I love about these photos. Thanks for sharing!


#2…winner of the print by Jade Sheldon


Lovely work, from lovely artists! The never ending creativity astounds me.


#3…winner of the first print by Johnna Riddell Photography

These are all beautiful.


#4…winner of the second print by Johnna Riddell Photography

oh…I love every single one of much talent!

Congratulations, winners!!! Please email me so that we can get your info. and get you your goodies!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered and left such kind supportive words for our generous giveaway artists!

congrats to all!!

congrats to the winners! i am so mad i didn’t see these giveaways earlier…i was out of town. bummer. you were giving away some amazing things!

Yay..I won, I’m so excited. I love Johnna’s work! Thanks to both of you!

congrats everyone!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. I was so surprised to see my name in the list of winners. happy dance here. Those cards are so cute, can’t wait to see them in person. Thank you Maegan for the opportunity to win. And thank you for all the goodness you share on your blog everyday. Happy Open House!

Oh my goodness, I won! Yay. Johnna’s work is amazing. Many thanks!

oooh yeah im day 2 winner.Thank you!!! cant wait!! I emailed you 😀

thank you, maegan! :)

Congratulations to the winners and congrats to you Maegan on the new blog.

what?!?! I won? : ) yayyyyy!


So excited to win Linda’s photo! I love all of Linda’s work, but have especially been coveting this photo for awhile. Thanks again!

F a c e b o o k