Bridgeing the Gap…

For a while now, I’ve been struggling with how to combine all these elements in my life: the photographer, the mama, the wife, the blogger, the mentor, the leader, the student…  I’ve had such a hard time deciding what to put where, post where, talk about where, and when to do all of those things. I currently have so many voices in my head: ideas, plans, hopes, struggles. I have work to share, plans to announce, questions to ask, hardships to release. I have so much to say that I’ve all but stopped “talking” here at all.

Things in my life are certainly in a transitory period.  And I love that and I’m enjoying the growth and looking forward to the directions my life is taking. But it is taking me a bit of time to find myself in all of this newness.

I had kind of always said that I didn’t ever want to make photography my job because I was afraid that somewhere in all the business of things that it would loose some of its joy. But then, ultimately, I decided to start selling some of my prints…promising myself that the business would stay in my hands, at my pace, and only for as long as it remained what I wanted.

Once I was selling prints, I kind of said I didn’t ever think I would want to do portraits. But then I started to do more and more portraits and I found how I could put myself and my vision into them. I fell in love with how I could really capture people and children and family in ways that were authentic to both me, the artist, and to my subjects as well.

And now, here I am, however haphazardly, walking straight into a portrait photography career and loving every minute of it! It’s funny how life’s twists and turns can take you places you’d never thought you’d be. And I’m immensely grateful for that because if you knew exactly where you were headed, you’d miss out on all those detours that molded and shaped who you were. But I now find myself in this very new place, struggling to break in new shoes, but knowing that it inevitably will only come from walking a few miles in them.

On my way home from an incredible photo shoot today, I found myself wanting desperately just to put my old comfortable shoes back on…just for a few moments. I had spent my morning shooting a beautiful family in a completely idyllic setting, and was feeling confident about the work I had done. But as I passed our area’s well known Twin Bridges on my way home, I could not stop myself from stopping.

There was not one other living soul around. It was just me and my camera…like old times. And somewhere within the sturdy wooden framework suspended above a roaring creek, I saw a very familiar reflection of myself. It was me…different now…but still very much me. It was then that I found these covered bridges to be the perfect connection between the new me and the old, providing me with a safe and sturdy place to practice walking in my new shoes.

I’m off to spout out an email to you, my dear friend. Just to clog your inbox one more time tonight 😉
Those photos are just breathtaking. The colors, the angles, everything. Well done.

beautiful pictures, and lovely reflection on where life has taken you. not many people get to turn their passion into a career…enjoy it!! you are an inspiration.

whatever you choose to do, you will be amazing!

I love how wonderfully you capture life both in pictures and through your words. Your use of symbolism is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

I love how wonderfully you capture your thoughts both in photographs and words. The use of symbolism is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Your words really resoniated with me. Being onto something new is exciting and invigorating and inspiring and scary all at the same time. I love what you do. Its so inspiring to me and I’m glad that you find time to do what you do. Awesome!

beautiful expression of thought…honest…real…the images are beautiful Maegan

yes, life takes us places, sometimes…it gets crazy but we grow and learn and expand…a really beautiful post.

You sound like me! Except I’m still in the ‘I don’t want business to steal my joy’ stage! Good luck balancing everything! Your words are inspiring. :)


Those photos are stunning! I have to agree that its the detours in life than make it all worthwhile and make it memorable. How boring if we could see it all stretched out ahead of us.

I’ve recently retired so things have been changing fast for me and sometimes it is scarey; but having time and space to return to my art and crafting is wonderful, the excitement and joy I’m finding in my creativity more than outweighs those nervous moments.

and I have to echo what a previous poster said, ‘whatever you choose to do, you will be amazing! :)

I love this post and my first thought when I saw your photos was that this is totally different for you, beautiful in a different way. I love it and i love that these pictures reflect how you are growing and changing and moving in a new direction. You will be wonderful and successful at anything you put your heart into Maegan and I am excited for you and this new adventure! XO

Gorgeous covered bridge, love the close-up of the spider web!



Great photos. Oh, I know how you feel. Tam

Beautiful post, both the pictures and your heart!

This is such a beautiful post. Both the words and the pictures are stunning. I wish I could express myself in such a beautiful way.

I read this last really hit home.
I feel the same way Maegan. I am also confused where I start and stop in different areas of my life. Beautiful images, gorgeous capture of yeteryear.

That was absolutely beautiful. I, too, feel the internal struggle. I’m happy for you that you’re feeling direction. Best of luck on your new endeavour.

Beautifully said – I am also struggling with “new shoes”, I am not even sure struggling is the right word for me, but nonetheless I have on new shoes. This post feels like I could have written it, the details are different but the feeling is the same.

Great captures! Enjoy your new shoes, but don’t throw out the old.

I’m struggling with letting myself be as big as I am. This is inspiring, thank you.

You wear a lot of hats but they all suit you so well. This latest development is pretty exciting and I can already see the happiness it’s bringing you just by how you describe it.

I used to just be a yoga student. Then I studied and became a yoga teacher. Now there is this line that blurs each time I take a yoga class. I want to soak up new ideas and new language to borrow for my own teaching, but I also just want to be still, quieting my “teacher” mind and allowing myself to just be a student again. I recognize your “identity” dilemma, and I say it’s ok to embrace it all at once! And as one of my teachers always says: there’s one thing we can always count on, and that’s that everything always changes.
Choose love!

Beautiful words and thoughts. I so resonate with them; I am on a very similar journey!

it is amazing what we plan and what happens. I believe in plans I believe in dream I believe in goals,but then other twists in the road turn and go up and down and here I am. Single,,after a 15 yr marriage.Raising my daughter *and son tho he is soon 20 and on his own now* alone.Scared and joyous at the same time. You never know what life has in store. I plan to take it a day at time and enjoy the ride.Glad you are too 😀 xo

I understand this in so many ways. I cannot believe that I am who I am now. And that I do what I do — things I never thought I would do. But here I am. And I’m more than OK with it — I’m happy. Because God knew my heart better than I knew my own heart. He took me to places I never knew would bring me such joy. Such incredible joy.
Beautiful pictures. I wish I could sit at your feet and learn all about photography in person. I just love your view of the world through your camera lens.

As always these photos are amazing – I love seeing the world through your view finder. I’m excited to see where our next adventures take you. You are a talented, generous and all around lovely woman, I see great things ahead for you.

Hey Maegan-
I love this post. Now I don’t know what to say, so I’ll say again…I love this post. I guess it makes me feel like there’s an other side to things.
I haven’t got any “new shoes” yet. I’m shoe shopping and I’m not finding anything I really like, in my size, that matches my outfits….you know? Yet.
I’m glad you’ve found some new shoes.
I suppose we have to remember that there are lots of shoes, and shoe stores out there. And sometimes shoes wear thin and that’s OK, you can always find another pair.
I also love these bridge photos. I liked hearing that you just had to stop. Since I’ve been taking pics the last few months I find myself in that “have to stop” place a lot and I’m afraid that it might wear thin, that my excitement may start to fade….this post makes me think that it won’t.
These covered bridge shots are wonderful. I like to go below bridges. There are often interesting views that you can’t see from above. There’s often ugly stuff too. I guess I’m looking for gems from that different point of view.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like them.
Best to you in those new shoes. From what you’ve shared in posts….they fit well….(and you can probably run faster and jump higher in them too :) )
Happy day to you.

Put them on every once in a while. It won’t hurt.
As long as you keep comfortable in whatever you do it will be a blessing. I just know it! Keep up your wonderful work.
It needs to be shared.

Sorry I missed this post. It’s a very difficult question – how to keep your passion fresh when it’s also your business. I wish the best for you in combining your art and your vocation. I know you can be successful in both arenas if you wish – I just hope you never lose the joy in your work.

Oh my goodness. I hear you, I so hear you. I’m going through some pretty intense changes right now. Sometimes I feel lonely for the old me, but then I’m reminded that that person ceased to exist happily a while ago. It’s just the memory of a happier me that I’m hanging on to. Change is always hard, but it can be breathtaking at the same time.

I loved this! “If you knew exactly where you were headed, you’d miss out on all those detours that molded and shaped who you were”. Wise words to live by.

I’m going to feature this post on my FB page today as my daily single shot. Thanks so much for this. I really appreciated it.

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